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Your presentation available as a professional video a few seconds after delivering it!…using the P.CORDER, the presentation recorder.

The P.CORDER is a compact hardware system available to hire or purchase and is optimised to record you and your presentation quickly with no editing. As used by NHS, UCLUniversity College London, SAP and many others.

The P.CORDER Presentation Recorder will help you:

  • Make your own engaging professional videos quickly and easily
  • Instantly record Presenter & Presentation combined – keep the audience engaged
  • Avoid long waits for editing and post processing to be finished.
  • Upload/Stream your professional and high quality .MP4 recordings quickly
  • 5 minute set up with one touch recording using a simple IR remote control.

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p-corderNo PC required in the making of your recording! Just plug and play!

Just press the record button of the remote control and it captures two video feeds (the presenter and his/her presentation) and merges them into a single video. When you are done with recording, just unplug the USB stick and upload the video to your website or Youtube.

Hire the complete kit – all you need to record your presentations in a handy carry case.

How long to set up? 6 minutes!  Watch the video

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to learn how the P.CORDER can help you record your presentations, lectures and videos.
Watch some more example videos here

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Why use video to promote your idea?

This 1 minute video shows you some of the benefits of using video as a communication tool.

The P.CORDER is available to hire or buy and provides a fast return on investment particularly if you have a large quantity of video to create in a short time.

As an example ; the approx cost for hire of a single camera and operator per day is about £500 then when you have recorded your footage you still have to edit and match the presentation with the presenter so often you need a day of editing at £300. The P.CORDER kit costs approx £200 to hire for a day and you can complete your recordings with no editing. A potential saving of £600 per day !!!


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