Professor Epstein at the Royal Free bought the PCORDER to record his Lectures and presentations.

Professor Owen Epstein recently took delivery of the PCORDER 120 Kit to start recording his own presentations. The unit will be used for recording his individual lectures featuring him in one window and the Power Point on the other. Once recorded the system makes an MP4 file that can be edited or published directly. More info.


UCL have set up a series of lecture capture booths where lecturers can come in and record their presentation with slides and after they stop the recording the unit automatically uploads the MP4 file to an FTP site where the content can then be distributed and shared.

Students can also enter the booths and record questions about lectures and presentations.


SAP saved money on yearly editing spend by using the PCORDER. The final presentation is available as an MP4 file ready to be uploaded or shared instantly.


Frimley have bought 3 PCORDERs/ They have installed 1 PCORDER in their lecture theatre with AMX control to start and stop the recording of lectures. They also have 2 PCORDER professional portable kits to record lectures anywhere across the site.