Project Description

Lecture capture using the PCORDER

Lecture capture and presentation recording using the PCORDER

When you want to capture and record your lecture or presentation, you don’t want to spend hours setting it up or worry about the right software. Don’t you basically need a device where you can press a button start your presentation and walk away with a final edit?

Click here for Lecture Capture using the PCORDER. are offering the Pixel2Media PCORDER already trusted by SAP, NHS and University College London to capture and record their lectures and presentations.

Watch the short video on Youtube: Lecture Capture with PCORDER video

  • Post-Processing-on-the-Fly”

Recording looks like post-processed in a professional studio

Upload to Youtube immediately after the recording

  • “All-in-One”

No PC!! (long levity unit for 24/7 operation)

Compact and very mobile appliance incorporating a complete audio & video studio

  • “Plug&Play”

Enable anyone to create good looking recordings of live presentations, lectures and conferences

Yet produce a lively, professional video stream with “corporate ID”

  • “Quick set up!”

5 minutes and you are recording

  • “Presenter in shot”

Helps to avoid audience drift & keeps them engaged

No switch off!

Presenter is synchronous with slides

  • “No editing”

Easily add additional graphics live – name, title of the lecture, URL Links

Quick turn around of projects – from set up to final recording

Watch more videos here of the PCORDER in use