Professional Digital Wireless Transmission System (PDW)

The pixel2media PDW product line is a professional digital 2.4GHz wireless microphone system for worldwide, license-free operation. With 24bit, 48 kHz audio coding, it provides stunning purity of sound and dynamics far ahead of analog wireless transmission. With its uncompressed high quality audio transmission and absolute linear frequency response paired with extreme robustness it fits in a very large array of applications.

Key features

  • worldwide, license free operation
  • true uncompressed transmission
  • CD/DVD quality audio
  • plug-and-play operation
  • digital receiver and transmitter
  • dynamic frequency selection
  • very good range (body pack features antenna diversity)
  • great value for the money

Boundless Freedom

This is the ideal product line for active performers and presenters seeking an advanced hands-free system for their acts, lectures, seminars, presentation or speeches for example in conference rooms, on smaller stages or houses of worship. The PDW product line is equally great for novices who seek good value for the money as well as professionals, who strive for uncompromising vocal and instrument performance.

Automatic safety and control functions make the digital system easy to set up and operate, while an intuitive user interface provides a clear, comprehensive system overview even in stressful live situations.

Receiver and transmitter provide rock-solid, drop-free signal transmissions with a very good wireless range and battery life time. A maximum of eight channels can be operated simultaneously. 4th generation wireless technology with dynamic frequency selection chooses only the cleanest frequency bands and therefore coexists amicably even in crowded 2.4 GHz bands.

The Body Pack Transmitter: PDW-BP

The PDW-BP is a high performance wireless body pack transmitter in a very small and rugged housing. A professional mini XLR audio connector makes the body pack compatible with professional condenser Lavalier or head microphones. Beside its use for perfect professional speech reproduction it can also be used for guitars, basses, instrumental pickups and headsets. It is designed for stress free use in conference rooms, on small stages and in houses of worship.

The transmitter provides a gain control for perfect adjustment of the input volume and a noiseless on/off/mute switch. A battery status indicator shows red before the battery goes dead, allowing the user full control of performance time.

The PDW-BP may be used in the following applications:

Application #1

Microphone body pack paired with P.CORDER 130 system. For professional lecture and presentation recording with a minimum of cable and equipment. Up to 4 wireless microphones may be connected to a single P.CORDER 130. The 4 channel wireless audio receiver is integrated in the P.CORDER.

Application #2

Microphone or instrument body pack paired with 19” 4 channel wireless receiver station. This receiver station features 4 balanced audio outputs (6.3mm TRS) and a stereo mixed output. 4 LED VU meters display the audio level of the 4 wireless audio channels.

Application #3

1 or 2 wireless digital audio transmitters (body packs) may be connected to a 2 channel wireless audio receiver (USB stick – compatible to Windows and Mac OS).

Application #4

Microphone body pack paired with the PDW-CM camera mount pack. For movie making: professional, handsfree transmission of speech and ambient sounds to a pro video camera or DSLR camera. A pair of body packs (one transmitter and one receiver) create a wireless link.


  • high end, super low noise microphone preamplifier
  • gain control: automatic, manual or remote (from receiver)
  • 8 hours of operation with a single charge (integrated
  • rechargeable lithium ion battery)
  • professional mini XLR connector (3 pin or 4 pin)
  • easy to use noiseless on/off/Mute switch
  • one touch setup
  • compact and rugged body pack design for maximum wearing comfort
  • versatile mounting options: belt mount, neck band and tripod mount
  • charges via USB (power adapter or USB port)
  • includes AC adapter and set of 3 exchangeable clips

Technical specification: PDW-BP

  • dimensions 82 x 59 x 24 mm (L x W x D)
  • frequency response 20-20000 Hz
  • weight 75 g
  • audio input 3-pin or 4-pin socket
  • operating time 8 h with internal rechargeable battery pack
  • modulation mode HD: uncompressed audio
  • power supply internal rechargeable lithium battery pack or 5V
  • DC (micro USB)
  • antenna built in dual antenna with diversity gain
  • mic/instrument: remotely adjustable
  • phantom power 9V (may be disabled)
  • input impedance 10 kOhm
  • range 20m (LOS – line of sight)